Monday, May 19, 2008

Idaho and Love Sac Lypo

This last weekend my mom called Friday morning and said she was going to Idaho to see my grandma and cousins and asked if I wanted to come. I LOVE spur of the moment things, and I haven't seen my grandma for awhile so I jumped on the opportunity. We had so much fun! Of course, anything is fun with my mom and grandma. I also got to see some cousins and aunts that I haven't seen in over 10 years. So we drove to Boise and then back and then sat around outside on the porch (like old folks). I scored about 10 dresses from my grandma...dresses she wore 30-40 years ago. They all fit me and I think they're all beautiful! When I got back to my parents house I used mom's sewing machine to alter some of the dresses so they are a little modernized. What a find! I think it is so special that I have my grandmother's dresses.

When I got back to my apartment in Provo my roommates and I and our friend Drew did lypo on my love sac. It was stuffed too much so we took out some of the stuffing. The stuffing is made up of hundreds of little cut up pieces of foam. We had two garbage bags full of stuffing and needed something to do with it, so we got creative. We doorbell ditched some of our friends and threw it at them, and we taped garbage bags across their doors and then put the stuffing in between the bags and the door so it opened up on them when they answered the door.

We got to my friend's apartment to pull our prank but accidentally rang the door bell before we had thrown the stuffing between the door and the bags. So we had to run and hide a little early. My friends ran down the stairs to a good hiding place but I ran upstairs which only lead to more apartments. One of the doors was opened and this boy was standing at the door looking at me funny. I just told him to 'shh' and then waited while he continued to look at me like I was retarded.

Luckily the kid who answered the door just said, "thanks guys" and then shut the door without removing the garbage bag wall we had made (ha ha sucker!). So we went back and poured our stuffing. On our way down the stairs I ran into one of the boys that lives there. I was hoping he wouldn't remember me because we had only met twice. Well I made a suspicious face when he walked passed me and as soon as he saw his door he turned around and said (real whiney like) "oh c'mon Abby!" Apparently he does remember me. It was really funny, although he laughed at us for doing it at 11:30 pm when people are still awake instead of 3:00 am when no one would catch us. Yeah right, like I'm going to wake up at 3:00 am.

So it was an eventful weekend and I think we may have started a war.

Oh, I got a job!! I'm working as a secretary at the Women's Research Institute here on campus at BYU. I start this afternoon so I don't know much about it yet. I'm so grateful to have found a job so quickly. The only problem is it is only part time for the summer and I kind of need a full time job this summer. If anyone knows of a place hiring part time just for the summer, let me know.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Fun Fun Fun

Well, life has been pretty good since that first week back from New Zealand. I am having so much fun at my apartment in Provo I can hardly stand it. I went on a week long trip to New Mexico to visit my sister Sarah and now the job search is officially on. I'm running out of money so I need a job...quick :) I meet new people everyday and just enjoy life! Here are some pictures of what I have been doing since I moved to Provo:

I bought this dress for $6 at D.I. My roommate and I went around campus taking pictures of us in our cool dresses. This picture is in the Library.
This is a picture of me at the Zoo in New Mexico. Those are vultures above me. Apparently my nephew Jeston got pooped on when he stood below these birds, but I wasn't so unfortunate.
Janessa (my New Zealand Roommate) and I showing of her excellent birthday cake that some of us made for her.

My friends Julia and Ben and I at Battle of the Bands at Muse Music in Provo. I was rockin out.
This is everyone outside the Zoo in New Mexico. All four Porter Sisters and their kids.

I AM PECULIAR (this is a permanent post. If you have already read it, scroll down to see my latest)

Those of you who read my blog could probably make a list of all the reasons that you think I am a bit peculiar. No worries, I would be the first to shout an amen to everything you could think of. I know I’m peculiar; but let me tell you the number one thing on my list that I think makes me a peculiar person.

I know where I come from, why I am here and where I am going. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of you will know me as a “Mormon” although that is just a nickname. The word ‘Saint’ just means ‘member’ in this context. I believe in God the Eternal Father, that I am a daughter of God, and that He loves me and wants me to be happy. I believe in my Savior Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life, atoned for my sins, died and was resurrected all that I might enjoy the blessing of being forgiven of my sins, and having my body and spirit reunited after death. I know that just as God called prophets in the Old and New Testament times that He has in fact called a prophet to lead and guide us today. I believe that families can live together for eternity; death does not have to be the end of our relationships with the ones we love. Some of you may wonder how on earth I can know these things. As I learn more and more from the Bible and other scriptures and actually live what I learn I see the promises the Lord has made being fulfilled in my life, and I feel the Holy Spirit bear witness that these things are true.

I know, I’m peculiar, but thankfully there are over 13 million other peculiar members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and with each year that number grows. I feel so much joy and happiness in my life because of this knowledge. If you want to know more depth about anything I have said that makes me peculiar, visit This website explains in detail much of what I have just professed to believe and more.