Sunday, June 17, 2007


My sister Hannah recently had her hair highlighted (by her husband, surprisingly). It looks geat so I decided to do the same thing to my hair. It took me awhile to find the right stuff but at the end of the shopping trip I thought I had done a pretty good job. I got home and opened the instructions which said I needed developer to mix the color with. I forgot that in the particular box I purchased the developer didn't come with it. My mom had some leftover developer but not the right stuff. We tried it anyway and the Ash Blonde highlights didn't even show up. Too bad. It was a waste of money but I looked pretty cool during the process.

Saturday, June 9, 2007

Game Room

I got hounded for not updating my blog often enough. What the alleged hounder (Russell) doesn't know is that I was using how often he updates his blog as an example for how often I should update mine. As soon as he put a new post, I was going to too. He posted yesterday (after not posting for eleven days) and yelled at me (although it's only been 10 for me) so I figure it's about time to post.

I'm headed to a bridal shower. This is the first bridal shower for one of my friends that I have ever been to. It's funny how girls organize things. I got a room assignment on the bridal shower invitation--which I actually over looked at first and wondered what on earth I was going to get my friend.

Gratefully, my mom saw the assignment, "Game Room" which made my job a lot easier. I didn't know if game room meant a room that you play games in or a room that you hang stuffed deer heads that -you -killed-yourself in. Anyway, I took a wild gander and started out looking at Games People Play in the mall. I could have gotten a deck of Barbie face cards for 5 dollars, or a regular old UNO deck for 9 dollars. It was a tough decision, but I decided to go to Wal-Mart instead. I got a 1000 piece puzzle, Rook, Mancala and 2 disc shooters (and a basket to put them in) All for less than 20 dollars. Hopefully my friend and her future hubby will enjoy playing my games. In all reality they'll probably take them back and by a sweet door mat or something.

I'm happy for my friend. She is lucky to be getting married although I'm not sure I would like to trade her places (At least not right now).

I'm wondering what kind of equipment I'll need to take to New Zealand. I'm excited to go but I've been getting nervous that when we go on our backpacking and kayaking trips, I'll have to go to the bathroom in the wilderness. I've done it before, but that doesn't mean I liked it. I don't like the idea of burying my own bowel movement in the ground hoping that no one stakes their tent or builds a ditch in the same spot.

I AM PECULIAR (this is a permanent post. If you have already read it, scroll down to see my latest)

Those of you who read my blog could probably make a list of all the reasons that you think I am a bit peculiar. No worries, I would be the first to shout an amen to everything you could think of. I know I’m peculiar; but let me tell you the number one thing on my list that I think makes me a peculiar person.

I know where I come from, why I am here and where I am going. I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Some of you will know me as a “Mormon” although that is just a nickname. The word ‘Saint’ just means ‘member’ in this context. I believe in God the Eternal Father, that I am a daughter of God, and that He loves me and wants me to be happy. I believe in my Savior Jesus Christ who lived a perfect life, atoned for my sins, died and was resurrected all that I might enjoy the blessing of being forgiven of my sins, and having my body and spirit reunited after death. I know that just as God called prophets in the Old and New Testament times that He has in fact called a prophet to lead and guide us today. I believe that families can live together for eternity; death does not have to be the end of our relationships with the ones we love. Some of you may wonder how on earth I can know these things. As I learn more and more from the Bible and other scriptures and actually live what I learn I see the promises the Lord has made being fulfilled in my life, and I feel the Holy Spirit bear witness that these things are true.

I know, I’m peculiar, but thankfully there are over 13 million other peculiar members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and with each year that number grows. I feel so much joy and happiness in my life because of this knowledge. If you want to know more depth about anything I have said that makes me peculiar, visit This website explains in detail much of what I have just professed to believe and more.